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November 4, 2008 / chrisisgross

Barack Obama

From the time that I first saw him(at the time I was a Biden/Dodd backer), back in February,and felt the electricity of the man to now I can not even begin to say how happy I am about the results of the Presidential election.

This was the fourth Presidential election that I have participated in. I am 30 now, I first voted for Clinton at 18 and watched Bush steal two elections from the American people. My faith, belief and hope have been shattered over the last 8 years. The American Dream that brought my grandfather here felt out of reach to me. While I am still personally struggling the one thing that I felt from Obama was honestly, Hope.

Our standing in the world is going to be restored. Our belief in our self is going to be restored. I know it’s a slogan(and really Obama’s were exceptional), but this is change I believe in.

Good night and Good luck


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