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September 3, 2008 / chrisisgross

Sarah Palin Night

I have been reading all of the same reports that everyone else has and there are so so so many issues bundled into Sarah Palin that I am only going to touch on a few.

Since the announcement it has come out that McCain really wanted Lieberman and was forced into another choice in the end. So what does he do being the “maverick” that he is, he goes with a woman that nobody knows and that his campaign has not vetted.

What happens. Kaboom! Non-issue after non-issue being brought out. From trying to get her ex-brother in-law fired to having a child with a child. None of that really matters to me personally. Humans are flawed; indiscretion does not affect ones ability to govern see: William Jefferson Clinton.

That being said Sarah Palin is really a terrifying thought on issues and McCain’s big issue “experience.”

She has been governor of a state with a population that is less than the city I live in(San Francisco) for two years. When your own campaign mentions your credentials as being the point guard for your college hoops team and PTA president maybe your resume is a touch thin.

Than onto to the issues: Wow. She is more conservative than McCain could even dream to be and not in the fiscal conservative Libertarian way, but in the government tells you what to do way. The way that says we as government make your choices for you and we will not give you any assistance because of it. To be blunt it says to me: unwed mother you have to have that baby that you don’t want, but we the government will not help you with this child nor do we care about this child after it is born. It is an appalling way of thought.

With McCain’s health history Sarah Palin is knocking on the door if they are elected and that is not a realistic option.

There is so much about her that is troubling. I am looking forward to her speech tonight. I am sure I will cringe. I just hope she can turn off enough people that their campaign will be idling until November.


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  1. B Wall / Sep 24 2008 9:27 pm

    I am appalled at the statement”unwed mother you have to have that baby that you don’t want, but we the government will not help you with this child after it is born…. What about this version “Unwed mother you will take responsibility for a baby that you could have easily avoided. it was a decision tied to possible conclusions and you chose to take the change- so you must face the responsibilty.
    on the other hand- rape vicitims had no choice and should not have to take responsibility.

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