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August 28, 2008 / chrisisgross

A Long Two Weeks

It’s been two weeks since I last posted largely due to the whole no laptop thing. Since then however a bunch has happened.

So here’s the short recap.

Got a  new and in fact better Mac to replace the one that was stolen courtesy of a wonderful co-worker of Julie’s who wanted his old one to have a good home. I am typing this post on it, it’s name is Basil, and we are getting to be good friends. The only question that I have about it is whether the name is pronounced Baz el or Bays il. Is this Macbook English or just a tasty herb.

Finally got my Ipod back from the Geek Squad after a month of them being unable to fix it. So I got a brand new one for free which is great except for the fact that I now have no music to put on it since all that went away with the stolen laptop. At least the broken one had some tunes. If you have a well stocked library I could pillage I would greatly appreciate it. I might post a list of some of the things that I had or want. Feel free to come to my rescue.

Went to Sonoma with the family and got really drunk. Really Really Really drunk. My palate was shot by the end of the weekend. Bought some wine though not for me(it’s all for my laptop savior, but its sitting in my house tempting me while he is at Burning Man).

Finally, one thing upcoming. If you happen to be in town this weekend on Sunday come to the ciclovia which apparently is Spanish for cycle something or other. It’s all about closing a major thoroughfare to cars and allowing it to be an urban playground. There are tons of activities and one in particular that I am pumped about; getting to run the bases at ATT Park. I am timing myself and will take on all comers.


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