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August 14, 2008 / chrisisgross

Tales of Mere Existence

After having my laptop stolen yesterday things have been pretty normal. Only unusual thing for me was getting locked out of my house when I went out for a run. I took the wrong key, but I was saved by the same neighbor who most likely saved the rest of our stuff from being stolen. He let me in through his apartment and than I walked down the stairs to the back of my house where luckily my key opened both locks. I was worried that the key only worked one of the locks and that my new vigilance for safety was going to trap me for a few hours with no phone or money.

Thanks to my girlfriend I am using her other laptop til I figure out what I am going to do about my newfound laptop free situation. So blog updating will not be stopped.

On that note I thought I would mention one of my new favorite comic strips. I have always been a newspaper fiend since I was a little kid(I know it sounds lame, but I love em) and what started me out were the serial strips in the paper. I liked comic books, mostly X-Men and The Punisher, but I was never as interested in them as I was on the strips.

One of my new favorite Internet strips is Tales of Mere Existence. It reminds me a lot of Jim’s Journal a comic I used to love when I lived in Madison, WI which was written by Scott Dikkers who co-founded The Onion combined with Matt Groening’s old strip Life In Hell both of which I read in the University of Wisconsin student papers my dad would bring for me. The humor is very dry and sometimes very open ended with the jokes not necessarily having a set up or even a punchline if that is possible.

Here is the one that ran on Sfist today it was a nice pick me up after the stress of yesterday.


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