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August 13, 2008 / chrisisgross

My Laptop Got Stolen

Someone broke into our apartment through the bathroom window I think and took my poor old 2005 ibook g4 and absolutely nothing else. A more sophisticated criminal would have noticed the checkbooks and other personal i.d. stuff lying around and really screwed us, but in the end it was only my laptop.

It is a real pain in the ass, but I already filed a police report, changed necessary log in passwords and sent out a credit alert for any personal info that might get out. Now I just wait for a day for that one in a million shot that somehow it gets found. Hell I have my name on it! I don’t even have my name on my underwear, but I put my name on my beloved old reliable laptop.

The thief was at least smart enough to take the power cable since they will soon find out that my battery is shot. It only lasts for a half hour at best. The cable is pretty messed up to0 so whomever buys it is in for a nice surprise. I had that thing jerry-rigged so good luck getting it to work new ill gotten owner.

Now if there was only someway to get back all that music that I had since of course I was too lazy to back any of it up.

Curse you thief I hope the Meth you buy is fake or from an undercover cop.


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