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July 24, 2008 / chrisisgross

The Wire: My Obsession

Seeing as Julie and I do not have cable(the rabbit ears work just fine for now) and we try to do things that aren’t based around the t.v. our recent obsession with one show in particular is a little unusual for us. While the show has been over for a while Julie and I are now hopelessly hooked on a great piece of television.

This show is easily one of the best written, most entertaining shows I have seen. The show in question is The Wire. Created by David Simon and Ed Burns, the show has the uncanny knack to create both real and entertaining characters who do not pander to the audience.

For me it is a great extension of my all-time favorite drama’s Law & Order and Law & Order SVU. While obviously the creators of the show were not using the L&O franchise as a template for me I have always loved all the permutations of the cop drama. In this case though Simon and Burns do not stoop to give you the answers to the questions. You must be engaged with the material to learn the terminology, to learn the character’s relations and ultimately to learn the story. Unlike some of the more poorly written shows(I’m looking at you CSI) there is no unnecessary flash, no spoonfed dialogue, no unneccessary plotlines. The Wire from the opening scene catapults you into the underworld of Baltimore

The images are bleak, the dialogue quick and the characters great.

For me it’s this guy…..

Omar is complex, unusual and entertaining and he’s just the tip of the iceberg


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  1. Lizy R / Aug 4 2008 11:12 am

    The song is “got got” by my buddies band Hank IV. Looks like they took it down on myspace, but take a listen here: Hank IV – Got Got.mp3

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