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July 14, 2008 / chrisisgross

My Porch

One of the great parts of the new place is our lovely little deck/porch. It’s about 40 sq feet of solitude and sunshine. I knew the moment we saw the place what I wanted to do with that space.

After finally purchasing all the furniture one human can stand to at IKEA I have begun to focus on this space. Julie and I purchased a few plants, a pair of pepper plants and some herbs initially, and after that I purchased a few tomato seedlings and a succulent from the neighborhood garden sale benefiting Marriage Equality. We added a few more plants and I bought a ton of soil(or 3 sq feet depending on how you look at it) yesterday. I spent some time this afternoon transplanting my little darlings from their cramped quarters into their new luxury pads. In some sense the plants are a nice little analogy to our little apartment story.

As it turns out today was the perfect day to transplant plants since it was cloudy all day. My mom, who is a certified Master Organic Gardener(not totally sure what that means or entitles her to) told me that by chance I picked the right day to do it since the plants are shocked to be transplanted and the added sun can sometimes be really hard on them. Now they are in their new homes and one of the pepper plants is already putting out some peppers.

The one in question is called a Georgia Flame, in about 6 weeks it will look like this

Salsa here we come!

Salsa here we come!

We are almost set up here. The final touches are being put on the joint and a housewarming bbq is definitely on my mind. Just need a bbq, but I’ll get there.

Get ready.


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