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July 10, 2008 / chrisisgross

Manny Being Manny

Since I got a last second call to work today I kinda missed what was going in the world. Heard some Iphone stuff, some news about the economy, but other than that nothing that got me thinking hmmm lets blog that.

Than I remembered my joy from yesterday. As those who follow me on twitter may know I am a Red Sox fan owing from the 7 years I lived there(one of those years being the curse breaking amazing year of 2004) and recently the Sox have been killing me. I have seen 5 games over the last two years in Oakland and the only win I saw was the first game I saw after living here only 5 days. Since than no wins and it seems that this season whenever they are on television and I get to see them they lose. That happened this weekend too.

The team’s been struggling a little so the 3 game series with the Twins was a nice change. A close 1-0 win in game 1, a come from behind win in the late innings for game 2, and an absolute massacre yesterday after an almost triple play was rightly called an rbi single for Jason Varitek. Than the floodgates opened. The game was out of hand early and during a pitching change Manny Ramirez returned to the old Manny, you know the fun Manny, the one who high-fives fans after making a catch and than completes the double play, not the one who shoves old men to the ground, came back to Fenway.

Apparently he had to make a few calls. I wonder where he kept the phone.

Man I love this dude.

Hey bro I'm a little busy I 'll call you later.

Hey bro I'm a little busy I 'll call you later.


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