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July 7, 2008 / chrisisgross

I Need to Remember My Camera

It seems like whenever I have my camera there is nothing that interests me enough to take a picture. When I don’t have it the opposite holds true.

On my short trip to the TL I saw two great things that would make a funny ha ha pic. Instead I will try to describe them thereby robbing them of the funny.

#1.  A shuttle bus called Soogle Transportation. They used the same font as Google, lacked the coloration, but it just seemed weird. I am familiar with the faux sites that try to swindle you with misspellings of websites i.e etc, but somehow I don’t think that works on the side of a bus.

#2  A sign at the crosswalk above the button that is usually there to use the crosswalk. Apparently if you want to cross Market St. near the Civic Center stop be advised, “This button is only for audible crosswalk.” So if you are visually impaired(the only ones who really need the audible function) hopefully you have someone who can read the sign that is written out for you. The sign utterly confuses me.


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