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June 20, 2008 / chrisisgross

Our Lady of Tamales

Last night seeing as the city wanted to be as beautiful as it possibly could be Julie and I decided to meet up at Zeitgeist for a picnic table sun drenched Bloody Mary blowout with some of her co-workers.

Owing to the perfection of the night sky the place was packed. I got there a little early so I played some pinball to pass the time. The had one of my favorites The Magic Gallery(I think I have the name wrong, but I know what the machine looks like) scored over 800 million which was still 200 million short of a free game though I did play for at least 20 minutes even drawing a bit of a crowd for a bit. Finally Julie and her co-workers Ed and Tam showed up we got our drinks and looked for a place to sit.

Zeitgeist is always a tough seat, but I have always found if you can stand around for 15 minutes or so usually a spot opens up. One did we sat and shot the breeze. Just as the tummy started rumbling asking to be fed who should show up, but Virginia the Tamale Lady.

Handing out the most delicious tamales as well as a few back rubs while chatting people up, bumming smokes and handing out birthday cards! That’s right next Tuesday the 24th from 7-10 at Zeitgeist they are celebrating her birthday.(It’s an old story, but relevant)

I think that makes a perfect reason to raise some hell and down some masa filled wonders on Tuesday night.

Also there is a lovely documentary short about her and her wiki


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