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May 28, 2008 / chrisisgross

Little Gray Cat

It’s been a few days or more since I last updated here, but in my own defense it’s been a pretty crazy week and a half. Over the last 10 days I have moved apartments, worked 4 different temp jobs, gone to a Red Sox game in Oakland, and had the worst news I could have hoped about our wonderful little cat.

Since I moved in with Julie 2 years this September one of the great great plusses has been the 6 pound purring dynamo that is one SaraCat. She is a cat of many names(largely because I like to make them up), but all of them equal the sweetest little cat that I have had the chance to know.

She is a rare breed and personally I think that she was most likely the runt of her litter as she only weighs in at 6lbs 6oz. The cat I had when I was a kid was a little thing too, but she ran a little over 8lbs, so Sara from the get-go was a bit different. What really made her unique, not only in the world of kitties, but just the whole pet universe is how loving and snuggly she was. Most animals are loving and crave attention from their owners. Sara thrives on it, though she is afraid of anything that moves or anything that is outside of the bedroom or the kitchen when it came down to me or Julie on the bed she is a complete original.

There is nothing she wants more than to be held, caressed, kissed and loved. For the last two years and three apartments she has been the consistent love on my right hip. Her heart has always been the biggest part about her.

As I have been writing this I have been fighting with using the past tense since she is still kicking around, but yesterday was a huge shock to my psyche one that I am still grasping at a way to understand what happened. I am only now less numb to what I heard and what I know to be the truth. My emotions are still raw and my heart is still heavy, but I just want to have down something that expresses what this little one has meant to me the last two years.

For the last year or so Sara’s liver has been an issue to the point that we had two separate evenings where I thought we were going to lose her before the vet’s office opened. However, with a pretty aggressive drug therapy we have been able to affect improvement and she has been as happy as I have seen her. Over the last two weeks giving her her pills(something I have been doing with ease twice a day for 6-8 months) has become a challenge to the point where we were growing concerned. On Monday for the first time Julie noticed a lump underneath her chin. We both assumed that there was something wrong with her teeth or her gums that was causing an infection thus making it hard for her to take her pills. I took her to the vet’s office and when he opened her mouth for the first time I saw something that I had never seen despite looking into her mouth everyday.

Two large lesions on her palate.

Sara has squamous cell carcinoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer, that is unfortunately very common in cats. The tumor is so aggressive that all we can do is to wait until she is no longer comfortable. 

I am now left with trying to understand how something can change so quickly and dramatically. She is still happy it appears; though I have a suspicion she knows something is amiss. I just hope that we all get to enjoy our time together for however long that is.

Julie has also written a beautiful post about our little wonder.




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  1. joe / Jun 6 2008 3:50 am

    Hey guys… just wanted to say how sorry I am. It’s the hardest part about having a pet, when something comes along that you can’t prevent or control, and then you feel like you’re just waiting to make this horrible decision of when to let them go. I hope it’s as painless as possible.

  2. missy / Jun 6 2008 11:14 pm

    I am so sorry to hear about Saracat. She is the cutest! She is a cat with a truly unique personality. I remember going over and cat-sitting her, and she would be so far nestled into your bed, under the covers, that I couldn’t find her. When I finally figured out the little tiny bump was her, I pet her through the blanket, because I knew she wanted to stay hidden, but she would kind of wiggle under my hand, so I think she liked it, even though we had never seen each other. After I went over a few time I finally lifted the covers up to take a peek and boy, was she cute!!!
    Anyway, I know it is not easy to see your pet suffer, actually, we just lost Grizby and Sabrina in the past week and a half…so I am going through a similar thing myself. So I wish you guys the best, you gave her a really good long life. Love you both!

  3. kamanashi / Jan 23 2009 6:42 pm

    I just went through the same thing. My cat had squamous cell carcinoma too. Also he had a tumor in his throat to big to be removed. My baby was to the point that he couldn’t eat, and I had to put him too sleep. The only thing I can tell you is just make Sara is as happy as you possibly can make her. Also, try to keep an upbeat feeling so she is fine. I’m still pretty tore up about it, and I don’t expect it get over it any time soon. It was yesterday that I last saw him alive, and I can barely stand to hear the word cancer right now without crying.

    So, whatever you do, just make sure Sara is the happiest cat in the world while you still have her.


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