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May 1, 2008 / chrisisgross

Why America Works

My good friend, compatriot, fellow Red Sox fan, drinking buddy and all around good egg Zac Martin has been hard at work for a number of months working on self-publishing a book. He has released it into the world today. I am more than happy to endorse it and to aid in the distribution of his chapbook.

The title is Why America Works and it is a worked culled from his blog of the last year or so titled, The Prison Notebook. Zac has been hard at work making this chapbook a reality even going as far as to learn InDesign to layout the work himself. He intends to release the book in a full fledged book format at some point, but for now he is just looking to get it into as many hands as possible.

Zac is making the work available for download as pdf. As I am too poor to afford managed hosting I can not host the work on my blog. Zac has it available for download off of Myspace if you are so inclined. It is well worth the time and the price is unbeatable.

Spread the word(both metaphorically and literally).



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  1. zac / May 4 2008 8:38 pm

    Thank for the plug Buddy!


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