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April 24, 2008 / chrisisgross

My Doctor is the same age as me

Went to the doctor for the first time since moving to San Francisco. It was harder to get an appointment than I had imagined. Though I guess when you have 750k people crammed into 49 square miles there is not as much space for docs and a much higher demand for them too.

So I went in cause I have been having some lingering heartburn and by lingering I mean 3-5 days straight. Filled out my forms gave them my insurance(courtesy of my domestic partnership and the gf’s work) and than was called into the office. Well the doctor, Dr. Kim was prolly about the same age as I was. That was a weird feeling initially. He was definitely the first doctor that I have had that I was anywhere close to being a peer of.

In the end I liked it alot more. I was willing to be totally honest and felt very comfortable speaking with him. Part it was that it seemed to me that we understood each other better having common knoweldge of our demographic and the other was that I think I now know that really the doctor does not care about what things you do or do not outside of how they affect your health. Maybe its way too much Law and Order, but I have a real faith now in the doctor client privilege.

Either way you look at it I was diagnosed with GIRD Gastro-Intestinal Reflux Disease. Given a prescription for Protonix and told to moderate my diet to avoid foods that trigger the burning. So less salt, coffee, beer, acidic foods(I blame the last flare up on my 3 orange a day for 3 week binge I was on) and less spicy food. In essence don’t or drink the things I love.



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