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April 23, 2008 / chrisisgross

Recycled and it feels so good.

The city’s commitment to recycling is probably one of the greatest civic features of San Francisco. To charge people for what they throw out makes them conscious of how much they are wasting. On top of that recycling and compost is hauled away for free.

It is a perfect balance and one that just got better for recylcing. As of now you can put any and all rigid plastic containers regardless of the number printed on the bottom in the recycling bins. Plastic bags can not go in, but with the ban on plastic bags in the city there should be a reduction in the amount of plastic bags going into the waste stream.

I saw this on the news the other night though I am having troubles finding sources online for this so I think it is imperative that more people know that there is no even less of a reason that anyone can have to not recycle. Rinse the container out and put in your blue bin it’s not that hard.


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  1. Roosto-Doosto / Apr 24 2008 5:42 am

    The situation continues to be a disaster in Boston. There is curbside, but no mandate for large apt building, such as where I live, to provide recycling. I have to haul all my stuff down 2 blocks to where the single/multi-family homes are in order to get it recycled, and even then I can only hope that the recycling guys are smart enough to figure out that my plastic bags that rattle and click as though they are full of beer bottles are actually such beasts.

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