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April 23, 2008 / chrisisgross


Had to finally chime in on the whole Obama flag pin nonsense from the debate last week. It was a ridicoulous question that really needed no follow up from the moderators(Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopolous). Unless you are wearing a flag pin everyday of your life than you are no better than Obama in your pseudo-patriotism. Obama rightly thinks its a hollow gesture and would prefer his actions to speak for him.

What got me thinking about it was this great article on The Huffington Post about the whole flap. Seems like the flag pin is not quite as in fashion as ABC would like it to be. After reading the post it got me to thinking about one of my favorite stand-up comedians or just overall funny guy David Cross’ bit about flags.

Found a nice link on youtube. Its alot NSFW unless you have headphones on, but for something done 6 years ago it resonates pretty strongly. Fast forward to 2:30 for the bit though the lead up is pretty funny too.



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