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April 23, 2008 / chrisisgross

511 is Joke

For those of you who try to navigate through the city with the usefulness of NextMuni511 or 311  it appears that Google once again has topped the city in its attempts to innovate. 

Now NextMuni is very useful if you are trying to find when your bus is coming to your stop, but beyond that there is little functionality when it comes to planning a trip and sometimes the times listed are way off. 511 has the trip planning feature, but it always seems to give you the most roundabout trip imaginable. Lastly, you can call 311 and ask how to get where you need to go which is immensely helpful when you are somewhere unfamiliar and have no sense of how to get back to where you need to go, but there is human error involved and in most cases they are using the 2 services previously mentioned to provide you with the information.

Well with Google Transit you can enter in your starting point and your destination and it will provide you with all of the options, the amount of time for the trip and put it on a map for you. It links up Muni with Bart, Caltrain and VTA which is a Silicon Valley transportation service(kinda obvious). They don’t have Golden Gate transit or the ferries as far as I can tell, but unless you live in Marin who uses those anyway.

Overall after testing some destinations I am pretty impressed. Haven’t had a practical real world test. When I do I will let you know the yeah or neigh. 



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  1. Roosto-Doosto / Apr 24 2008 5:38 am

    Huh, no Boston, though there is Framingham, Cape Cod, and Pioneer Valley, MA (W[here]TF is Pioneer Valley?). And obviously lacking is NYC, though there are some good mashups of MTA & Google Maps that I’ve seen, so perhaps it’s duplicated effort?

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