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April 22, 2008 / chrisisgross

My New Temporary Life

After languishing on the high horse sidelines of the employment line, waiting and interviewing seeking that mythic perfect job I have begun to temp to at least make some money. So far I am not getting a lot of work, but I have gotten some.

I have worked twice now answering the phones for KCBS radio(actually it is more than just them it is five stations total)or in reality I got paid to read my book and check my email/look for jobs on Craigslist. Not bad work if you can get and you are not concerned that your brain is atrophying. On the upside interesting people work there and some weirdo’s from the music world call or come in.

Spoke to a guy on the phone who was Mick Fleetwood’s representative interesting enough. What really keeps me going is that the office plays the radio stations it runs. On my floor it is Movin 99.7 though in the bathroom is KCBS news(I am guessing that it is becuase we are more thoughtful in the bathroom). The mission statement of Movin 99.7 as they like to announce is that they are the “radio station to make you feel good.” 

It’s not awful I must admit. Besides the usual pap of new pop music that I tried not to hear Mariah Carey, Rhianna et al. they played some stuff that I enjoyed. Though in all honesty it’s kinda embarrassing to be caught at your desk nodding along to Ini Kamoze’s “Hotstepper.”

I wrote a list over the last two shifts of artists or songs that cracked me up:

Al B. Sure, Boyz II Men, House of Pain, Dru Hill, Toni Braxton(a house Unbreak My Heart), It takes 2 Rob Bass and CL Smooth, LL Cool J, Montell Jordan, TLC Creep(wish it was Waterfalls), Prince, Tony Toni Tone and for me the best so far….


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