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April 21, 2008 / chrisisgross

A New Us… Soon to be A New Look

Over some beers at Doc’s Clock the other Saturday night, a bar that I am now kicking myself for not living in, I had one of those conversations that makes you love the people you are with(both in the I love you sense and you are one of my best friend’s sense). It was one of those situations that you find yourself thoughtfully talking about art and life and your theories on all of it.

What has come of that conversation can be seen in this post and from now on here. I realized in talking with Zac and Julie (the friend and the I love you) that the whole notion of art is to create your own language, style, format world what have you. For the last almost year or so I have been trying to do that by not capitalizing any sentences or proper noun’s as a means of deconstructing language; a way for me to impart my speaking voice as extemporaneously as I could(while still editing the text) during normal conversation. It has been a blast to have a topic idea and to just write about it sometimes I have even surprised myself as to what my views really are.

I feel that I have developed my voice. It is time for me to increase the readability, the viewability and to conform to some standards of convention. I am still going to break up sentences in strange way, insert punctuation whenever I please(especially parenthetical statements(like this)), generally play with language and see where it takes me, but now I am going to try to at least give this blog a little more shape.

Along these lines as well I am going to be revamping the site. It’s time for a new look a new link section and all that good stuff. I am open to suggestions. One week seems to be a good time to work in the transitions.

So here goes I’ve laid out my thesis.

Lay out yours.


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