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April 18, 2008 / chrisisgross

black keys=mind blown

last night before going to bed i was watching a little of the david letterman show(which i generally enjoy) and the musical guest was the black keys.

now i’ve heard a few of their records and liked them, thickfreakness especially, but they never really wowed me. maybe i needed to see them live or maybe its that i am listening to a lot of blues recently as well as really raw rock bands. after flirting with dancey stuff the last few years i have been looking for the visceral experiences of rock that i first fell in love with at 16 in a hot basement listening to great emo bands(i.e. before that became a bad word).

here’s the video from last night. the drumming is great. awesome use of the crash cymbal on a totally stripped down kit and the guitar solo is very articulate. well as it turns out i can’t get the video to embed so here is a link instead.




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  1. Allan / Apr 18 2008 4:22 pm

    you can embed in wordpress, goes like this “

  2. chrisisgross / Apr 18 2008 4:49 pm

    the youtube clips are no problem. its some of the other sites, like redlasso which the link directs you to, that are a little wonky.

    i looked at the html with my poorly trained eye and couldn’t see what was wrong with the embed code. i’ve found that some of the others vimeo, redlasso et al have better audio and video bitrates, but they don’t like to work with wordpress.

    so as i thought about the whole thing i checked the faq’s and it looks like some of these sites are not supported, though there was a vimeo workaround posted. live and learn. live and learn

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