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April 9, 2008 / chrisisgross

today’s protest of the olympic torch in san francisco

to clairify what i posted the other day. i am in complete favor of protests that call attention to the rights abuses of the chinese regime and the return of sovereignty to the tibetan people. however, it is when you attack and threaten others who are participating in the torch relay you are no better than those that you protest against.

so far this morning protests have been very peaceful. there was a march across the golden gate bridge in support of the burmese people who are also affected by the chinese governments support of the military junta. the sides are divided by barriers and both peaceful and creative. it was a beautiful sight with 500+ people marching peacefully.

the one interesting story that is coming from some of the news outlets is that there are more pro-china protesters than anti protests. in fact there are bus-loads of people being dropped off to support the chinese. i am willing to believe that the chinese government has something to do with it. i am basing this assumption(and that is all it is) on the story that i read in the mirror that some of china’s top military forces are  secretly part of the torch’s security detail.

i will keep updating as things arise.


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  1. Anonymous / Apr 10 2008 8:59 am

    “i am willing to believe that the chinese government has something to do with it. ”

    Actually, not many overseas Chinese take the Torch Relay seriously, until the bastards in French attack the torch and young girl who was carrying the torch then.

    Anyway, thanks French. They did a good job to unite Chinese to support Chinese government.

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