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April 3, 2008 / chrisisgross

hawk attack at fenway

in a weird combination of two of my obsessions, the red sox and birds, there was a story that caught my interest on bostondirtdogs.

apparently there are a number of hawks who have made nests at the park and during a tour of fenway one of the hawks decided to protect its nest and it attacked a middle schooler from connecticut.

photo’s from the globe of the attack

the nest was right under the announcer’s booth. i would love to hear what jerry remy and don orsillo have to say about that once they get home on thursday. as for the nest it was removed by folks from the boston rescue league.

some video from wbz, who just let go my favorite boston sports guy, bob lobel. lobel’s passion for boston sports was matched only by what i am guessing was a bigger passion for scotch. made for some great commentary.


now i am not a supporter of hawk on human crime, but according to deadspin the name of the girl who was attacked: alexa rodriguez!


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