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April 2, 2008 / chrisisgross

april fool’s day is dead to me

i am going to upload the photos from the sox game last night. listened to the radio broadcast online as the sox took game two 5-0. pretty nice to shut them out in the coliseum. much nicer time all around. sox win and no security guards threatening to toss me.

other than the great sox win it was the dearth of web 2.0 april fool’s day “pranks” that is annoying me to no end and now on april 2 it is the recap of all the hilarity. seriously the occasional well palyed prank is great, but when every single site is running some sort of gag it just gets tedious.

than you top that off with all the self congratulation about the genius of the prank and it just goes on in a self aggrandizing loop from hell. it seems that all of the fun days i liked when i was a kid have been totally ruined. first halloween and now this.

the two main offenders:

1.  google’s post-date feature timewarp for gmail. it was a little too subtle and in actuality it might be useful. not much of a gotcha more like an idea that somebody thought was brilliant, was shouted down and to save some face tried to make into a joke.. hilarious.

2. the other offender  is also part of the whole google family. youtube’s front page of rickroll’s, you know that really pointless web 2.0 meme of sending someone a link to rick astley’s “never gonna let you down.” maybe the first time i saw it it was funny, but probably around the second time it was stale. so youtube goes and makes every video on its feature page a rickroll. ugh there are not enough phrases to express the boredom created by this joke.

thanks for killing a fun day internet


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  1. joe / Apr 5 2008 4:07 am

    stupid internet.

    I thnk I hate the phrase “rickroll” even more than I hate that song.

    never gonna give never gonna give never gonna give

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