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March 27, 2008 / chrisisgross

oh you crazy republicans

now for those of you who are unfamiliar with my political stance i would consider myself a liberalized libertarian.

i am a firm believer in self-determination, that the first inalienable right of a person in this country is to be free to do as they please. government’s role is to support this right; to aid in the growth and infrastructure of the country. goevernment should not make decisions for its people when it comes to choice.

where i stray from the codified view of a libertarian is the role of taxation.

a doctrinal libertarian would say that taxes are to be used(if there are to be taxes is a whole other topic) to keep the infrastructure of the country moving. in essence the role of growth and productivity is left to the individual. i would disagree with this notion as i see the need for social programs that uplift people as a whole. schools are as much of a need as roads. poverty should be eradicated. everyone should be given the tools to succeed. if this means raising taxes to bring up the people at bottom than so be it.

it is when the politicians go against the will of the people that taxation becomes ridiculous. there is not greater perpetrator of this sin than the republican party. here in california the governator refuses to raise taxes even though california’s schools are 47th out 50 states in the united states. this despite the fact that california’s economy is the seventh largest in the world . somewhere the priorities of need have been skewed. to arnold it is more important to run a huge deficit based on poor spending decisions than find a way to raise more money for the states coffers. as a result the public schools system must chop $4 billion of its books. california will only sink because of this strategy.

the same can be said of other republican’s. republicanism always rallies against tax and spend liberals. however, when you look at the facts democrats may raise taxes, but they also bring down the deficit, strengthening our economy and our nation’s buying power, but they also improve the social milieu of the country. bush may not be taxing us at a higher rate than clinton, but when we are mired in the most expensive war in our history that the people do not want than who cares.

why not pay more and be happy which i would reason is the argument behind the purchase of luxury items. why not apply this notion to the quality of daily life. why not pay more and be happy.

in the end this whole thing is a reaction to this graph. tax and spend your way to a balanced budget. seems to make sense. you gotta spend money to make money right.

sounds like capitalism to me not that left wing socialism the right-wingers decry.natl_debt_chart_2006-med.jpg


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