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March 26, 2008 / chrisisgross


been taking some time off of the blog. thinking about a redesign, as well as reformatting and refocusing. so lots of re’s to come.

a number of blogs have posted about this cool little site today, muxtape, though julie showed it to me last night. she was working on a widget for widgetbox of it. not sure if she has set it free into the wild, but it might be out there.

thought i would have some fun with it. i made a 12 song tape(which is the limit). its pretty nice in an asynchronous sense of it being something that i loved doing when i was 16 which as i do the math was 14 years ago! now in a more modern form. i do miss the rewinding the tape to get the transitions just right. i did however work on the mix in itunes to listen to the segues between songs.

the real beauty of the service is its simplicity. very clean design. great ui easy upload though uploading each song was a little slow. something along the lines of a zip upload that has your songs in order would make the site really great. also this would open up editing before uploading. though i am not sure if that is the intent as i am sure there would be a flood of “dj” uploads. there is enough lame stuff out there they probably don’t want to pile on.

the only other thing that i would like to see is an option to hide the tracklists until the tape has been listened to. some of the best experiences that i had with tapes that were made for me was to listen without knowing what was on the tape and to have my mind blown by stuff i had never heard.

also a hit counter for your tape would be nice. my tape one more time if you missed the link before


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  1. Ryan Weber / Mar 27 2008 3:59 pm

    yeah, hiding tracklists is a superb idea.

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