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February 28, 2008 / chrisisgross

george bush rant

i swear i am trying to get off of the political sadness, but it just keeps rearing its ugly head. today in the light of 4 separate negative economic outlooks, all of which were generated by the federal governments accounting agencies, bush still does not want to believe that we are in a recession. its an economic slowdown.

no, its either a recession or stagflation. pick a or b there is no c.

i would guess that he at least has some early access to information, especially the information that is produced by his government. how he did not know the truth before hand blows my mind. its like he has never been in the loop on any decision that he has been “involved” in. he puts his earpiece in and repeats what he hears in it.

the real kicker was this quote, “i had not heard that gas was going to go over $4 a gallon this summer.”

really, you had not heard that. what did your secretary cancel all of your newspaper subscriptions, forget to pay for your comcast triple play package and all the radios are broken in the white house. how did the president miss this information since it seems that every source of media is reporting this.

a 2.5 second google search produced this mr. president hope it helps.


after posting this i was checking my incoming link traffic, even i received a page view about $4 a gallon gas yesterday and its not like i am the new york times.



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  1. coollikeme / Feb 28 2008 8:43 pm

    If the government leaves the economy alone. It will straighten it self out.

  2. chrisisgross / Feb 28 2008 8:50 pm

    that’s the beautiful irony of the situation. bush touts himself as a fiscal conservative and a champion of the free market.

    yet when his excessive borrowing and inability to accurately forecast the rising price of oil destroys our economy he panics. his personal dependency on oil and war-mongering has ruined us.

    tax rebates are only going to worsen the situation. we need fiscal responsibility not more spending. spending is how we got in this mess.

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