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February 21, 2008 / chrisisgross

back to politics

heard a great line about the democratic race yesterday listening to the political junkie edition of talk of the nation on npr.

the race was boiled down to the line its “i have a dream” vs “i have a plan.”

it is this philosophical battle that is now shaping the race and starting to bring out the dark side of politics. clinton is really pushing the lack of experience angle on obama’s campaign. however this angle of rhetoric makes hillary sound strident and bitter. it is a paradox that she has not been able to overcome as obama has gained momentum. with each loss in primary states her tone has not changed though it is obvious that it should.

rather than try to couch her phrases in positive verbiage as obama does frequently she has taken the road of attack. it is clear that we are in a political cycle that is rejecting negativity and aggression. we have been a nation of aggression under the current regime and the two candidates who are now the front-runners have rejected that line of speech. mccain and obama are speaking in positives and largely about themselves. their single-mindedness and determination is carrying the day.

even mccain is comfortable speaking only positively about himself for the most part of the campaign. rather than attack others he has ridden his straight talk express to become the all but declared nominee. he seems to care only about himself and his message. its the high road mentality.

clinton must find a way to change her terminology to highlight her positives rather than attack someone elses positives in the attempt to make them out as negatives. if she does not make this change i think that texas and ohio will be the end for her.


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