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February 13, 2008 / chrisisgross

so much to blog about

sometimes the brain will not allow words to come forth due to a lack of ideas. than there are days like today where there are more things than you know what to do with.  prioritizing them becomes difficult for the amateur who is not getting paid per post, my content is free and non-commercial, though truth be told if i could ever get enough views to merit running ads i would love to make money off of doing this rather than anything else.

the roger clemens testimony is a complete farce. it makes me embarrassed for him, embarrassed for brian mcnamee, congress and really for everyone who loves baseball. both of them are lying about some facet of their story. the congressmen were grilling them for sure, but if they are not going to persue perjury charges who cares if they were lying. go ahead lie, be sammy sosa and forget how to speak english. it is pathetic.

on the plus side pitchers and catchers reported today. there is some serious issues going on with curt schilling and the red sox, but even without him the sox are looking scary. april you can find me in the all you can eat seats at then oakland coliseum.

so these are just some of the things. each is going to get a post in the next day or so. get ready it is gonna be sweet.

also i am planning on teaming up with my buddies here who love the sox and i think we are gonna do a  sox blog so that i can save space here for other topics. i am supposed to have set it up already and as of yet i have not even started it. been a little lazy on that front as i have been active on the job front. spring training is just starting we both have to knock off the rust.
might be slow this weekend. going to arizona for my aunt’s wedding. looking forward to that.


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  1. Jackie / Feb 13 2008 10:29 pm

    Hey Chris- Are you going to the A’s opening day(night)? If so, see you there. So excited that their first game is against the Red Sox!!!

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