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February 7, 2008 / chrisisgross

mitt romney is out

sort of a surprise first thing this morning to hear that mitt romney is leaving the race.

here is a  man with a lot of pride and a great track record of success(the olympics, bain capital, governor etc…) and for him to drop out is a bit shocking. not that i wanted him to remain nor do i find him to be a truthful individual. when he and i were in massachusetts at the same time he cut every major social program, education, parks and much more to balance the budget. yes he was fiscally responsible, but at the cost of the people. he does not take losses well and for him to do so now seems surprising especially in the light of the speech he made tuesday night

what really intrigues me is why he is dropping out. someone must have offered him something big to drop out of the race. he is in a position whereby he can now be the savior of the party. he is dropping out to solidify mccain’s position. the democrats are in a dead heat and unless  something is decided by the convention the super-delegates could decide the nominee.

i believe that that could potentially be a huge momentum shift for the republicans. this wave of strength that the dems are feeling right now could dissipate by disenfranchising voters at the convention. the votes of the primaries could be null and void. the nominee would be decided by party officials.

by dropping out romney allows mccain to in essence take the nomination. he now has til november to work on his national campaign. not only does mccain now have a head start, but romney looks magnanimous and as a team player to the party.

romney is a shrewd businessman who leveraged his position to its greatest benefit. i just wonder what that was….


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