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February 5, 2008 / chrisisgross

first touched by obama and now voted for obama

took me until last night to officially make up my mind. drank the obama kool-aid. colored in the obama box in my ballot and i have voted yet again.(perfect record so far)

actually that sounds pretty dire and hopeless and i did not have that feeling at all when i voted. i was actually very excited and for once i think that my vote truly counts. the combination of voting in california and the monumental size of super tuesday gave me the sense that i could be a part of electing a president.

now if obama can get over one other hurdle, the fact that i have yet to cast a ballot for a winner in presidential elections, its straight to the white house for that guy.

obama seems real to me, partially since i almost shook his hand, but mostly because when i hear hillary speak it seems disingenuous. not that i would be unhappy to have her lead this country it just seemed to me that she was too controlled and parroting stock lines. we have had eight years of a president who stayed on message and was never off the cuff. we need someone who is dynamic and captivating. someone who embodies the spirit of the nation. that coupled with his platform sealed the deal.

change requires charisma and believability. i do want change, not for the sake of change, but because of the need for change

stay tuned tonight starting about 6 pst or 9 in the east i am going to post my reactions/liveblog whats going on as the results come in since i have the advantage of having a longer look at all that is going on here in the west.


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