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February 5, 2008 / chrisisgross

super duper tuesday liveblog

10:31 p.m. pst

california is being called for clinton. my streak of voting for the loser in a presidential race is still intact.

as for the races in general obama has a numeric state lead and possibly a small electoral lead in the democratic race. the race played out closely to what was predicted. still anyones race.

mccain is surging and clearly the front runner in the republican race. huckabee has a position of power once again as he holds the key to the treasure trove of conservative and evangelical voters that mccain will need. romney still has a ton of money and incredible tenacity. they are not done, but they are getting closer.

8:28 p.m. pst

the polls have closed in california and to paraphrase mitt romney who was paraphrasing his wife the only clear answer is that there is no clear answer.

i will update this tomorrow.

7:16 p.m. pst

clinton has taken nj, ny and massachusetts but not connecticut based largely on the war vote.

the really interesting sign as to what might go down out west is that clinton is picking up a lot of the latino vote. heading west were the population density his higher for latinos only bodes well for her.

as for the republicans not much new on trends. huckabee is making is second rebirth and trying to tout his conservative credentials pushing his terrible fair tax idea. romney is treading water. mccain is gaining strength

6:05 p.m. pst

the trends are remaining somewhat the same. huckabee is a bit of a spoiler in the republican race. the democrats are in a dead heat

as for local news precincts here are running out of ballots. statewide turnout in california is projected to be about 56%.

one of the odd controversies going here involves the decline to state voters(independents). the democrats allow those who do not choose an affiliation to vote in their primary. some people who want to vote as democrats are being denied by poll workers that choice. mind you these are all volunteers and there is bound to be errors. the news said that you are to ask for the ballot you want. when i went in they asked me which of the three ballots i wanted. simple easy 30 seconds.

california may not know til late at night or tomorrow morning.

5:01 p.m. pst

the results are coming fast and furious with polls closing all of one minute ago.

obama has closed the gap in some of the states were clinton was way up and mccain is having a strong showing.

here is the status so far according to cnn:


obama: illinois, georgia. clinton: oklahoma and way up in alabama and tennessee though no projected winner yet


mccain: illinois, connecticut. romney: massachusetts

and the big surprise though no declared wins as of yet huckabee is up in oklahoma, tennessee, alabama and georgia with a win under his belt in west virginia.

4:51 p.m. pst

google and twitter have combined to put together a national map of election coverage. the tweets are kinda useless, but the scroll bar on the left is infinitely useful.

go here.

4:18 p.m. pst

as of right now huckabee has won west virginia on the second caucus. apparently mccain’s supporters went to huckabee rather than let romney take this winner take all state. that just seems spiteful; entertaining, but spiteful nonetheless.

also cnn is calling georgia for obama.

polls in the east close in 40 minutes or so


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