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February 4, 2008 / chrisisgross

super duper tuesday

tomorrow is the biggest election that i have ever participated. i have voted in every election that i have been eligible for, but never has my vote mattered as much as it does tomorrow.

the question of clinton or obama has been weighing on my mind. i have made up my mind for all of the ballot measures(and there are a lot of them). i am only about 75% sure of what i am going to do in the democratic primary. i am both pleased and unsure as what to do as for a change there are two attractive candidates for a change.

as for the election itself i am hoping that this is truly the sea change moment that people are hoping for. pundits are likening this election to that of jfk v nixon. the country needs a leader to restore our dignity and our pride.

as for tomorrow i am planning on trying this whole liveblog thing tomorrow as the results come in.

wish me luck!


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  1. Jake / Feb 5 2008 8:45 am

    Sign-o-the wacky times….

    Seen yesterday morning, while crossing the Mass Ave bridge from Cambridge to Boston: dude on a unicycle moving down the opposite sidewalk, holding a Barack Obama sign above his head.

    I wonder what sinister deals he made to get the unicycle lobby behind him?

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