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January 29, 2008 / chrisisgross

gotta hand it to john mccain

john mccain for a guy who is obviously very serious and not the joking type when it comes to politics i get the feeling that there is a lot more to him than people know. first there is his work across the aisle the mccain/feingold campaign finance reform bill for one and the honest nature of his campaign which i find very refreshing.

romney has been attacking him for being a liberal which is completely laughable since if there is anyone who is putting on conservative airs it is certainly him.

but that is not exactly what i was posting about. on talk of the nation on npr. the segment featured carrie brownstein of sleater-kinney fame(now of her hilarious stuff with fred armisen and as a music blogger for npr) talking about the campaign songs of the candidates.

the nugget that she had was that mccain’s campaign theme was amazing. unlike the tried and true u2 or fleetwood mac or gingoistic lee hazelwood choices, mccain has gone with abba’s take a chance on me.

seriously this is the song he comes out to….

i really hope he is the republican nominee, not that i will end up voting for him since his stands on most of the social issues are not mine, but how great is that.


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