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January 29, 2008 / chrisisgross

fact checking the state of the union

i had the ambitious idea last night that i was going to liveblog the state of the union. it would have been my first attempt at this blogging genre, but i ran into one huge problem. i couldn’t concentrate on the disingenuous smiling talking head that delivered the speech.

if it wasn’t watching the 70+ totally unwarranted standing ovations and the useless partisanship of the entire event it was listening to the lies, drivel and fear-mongering that has marked the bush administration.

luckily for me and everybody npr has a fact-checking of the state of the union and i highly recommend it. it helps to parse all the double speak, misinformation and distortion of the speech.

makes me wish that npr had coined and trademarked the statement “fair and balanced” as they are always the only avenue of accurate news in the united states. they are the only news source i truly believe(though i do enjoy nightly news with brian williams on nbc) that is inside the u.s.



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  1. lostloveletters / Jan 29 2008 6:25 pm

    thanks for the link! I would be wary about putting all your faith in NPR as a fair and balanced news source though – while they are much less skewed then the other outlets, they still have alot of pockets of bias as well… I saw that when Tom Ashbrook (who I normally LOVE!) was completely condescending and snide to Ron Paul in their first interview of him… I thought they were above this but that one interview changed my view of NPR in general – and they also continue to participate in the blackout of Ron Paul in the continuing presidential run. Did you know that Paul came in 2nd in Louisiana AND Nevada? Probably not because not one media outlet reported on it (including NPR), and that is just the tip of the iceberg with the other censorship that has been going on – doesn’t that make anyone wonder what is really going on with our “fair and balanced” media???

  2. chrisisgross / Jan 29 2008 6:42 pm

    firstly thanks for reading and commenting. please look at my wide range of stuff here at a new us.

    i just wanted to clarify a few things

    most of my news actually comes from many different sources both foreign and domestic. my point on the fair and balanced comment is that as a source of news npr always presents both sides of the argument.

    i have not heard the tom ashbrook/ron paul interview as i do not get his show here in san francisco. as to the point about the nevada caucus yes i did know. the main reason much reporting glossed over this is that romney beat paul by a 4 to 1 margin with 51% to 13% ron paul finished a very distant second.

    also louisiana has yet to vote they vote february 5 so i am not too sure where that number comes from.

    obviously you are a ron paul supporter so a few words in response:

    the ron paul faction may do well fund-raising and having a loud online presence, but honestly that is it. his stands on the border are xenophobic and his answer to most questions seems to be isolationism. i consider my views as libertarian leaning, but i do not believe that you can disconnect yourself from society we are too interconnected as a nation and as a world.

    this interconnectedness is how you found my tiny tiny corner of the world.

  3. Jake / Feb 1 2008 7:30 am

    For even more fact-checking goodness, i suggest As for Ron Paul – though I find a maverick politician refreshing, a man who advocates pulling out of the UN should not be a world leader.

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