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January 24, 2008 / chrisisgross

so its not exactly winter

but still this is pretty miserable….

now i know this may affect my awesome midwestern winter survival and my nor’ easter survival credibility, but seriously this weather is misery. the snow is one thing, then ice another, yet when i have lived in the areas were there is this lousy weather there is some understanding that the weather is going to get bad. with this understanding people prepare.

now here in san francisco i am not sure what is going on. its like there is some sort of denial that the weather is going to get really crappy come january and february. even though historically it always does(always!) except for el nino/la nina or whatever anomalies change things;this is the way the weather pattern is come this time of year.

the long way around to what i am saying is put a heater in the stupid buildings. i know that they won’t get used that often. i just want the option. there is no heat in my building not because it is off, but because there is no option. the building does not have a boiler, furnace, gas… nothing! the pathetic space heater that came with the place does less than zero unless you stand next to it and when you do that the safety setting shuts it off. 4o degrees and rainy is misery when you can not warm up at all.

what this means for me is that i have to go spend money at a coffee shop all day to be warm and than half the time they leave the door open. is there some law or some stupid rule that i should know about regarding doors having to remain open. it is snowing in the oakland hills and it is only marginally warmer in here than outside.

close the door already!
someone please tell me what is going on or at least send me an electric blanket.


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