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January 16, 2008 / chrisisgross

evolution not revolution

that was the tag that i heard from a couple gadget sites about macworld yesterday. some pretty cool new products, but nothing that was mind blowing.

i was interested especially, not in the macbook air, but in the new update do airport extreme. i like the wireless connectivity and the data storage is excellent and really cheap. a terabyte of memory that you can share with up to 50 people is pretty nice. that is something that i will love to have in about a year when the price comes down and i can afford to own it.

now the one thing that kind of annoyed me was the updates to the ipod touch. i got this little device for christmas as i obliquely referenced a while back. well i love the little guy since i really hate phones, but wanted the wireless power of the iphone. the upgrade looks very useful. i am pretty geeked about the triangulation feature that they are adding into google maps. the device will find the three nearest cell towers or wi-fi spots and determine your position thereby allowing the device to give you precise directions. there are other features as well including email and more, but that has already been beaten into a pulp.

now what annoys me is that apple is charging $20 for the upgrade to existing users though it comes free with new models. this is the second time that apple has penalized there early adopters in recent memory. first, with the iphone and now with the ipod touch. now i know that the tech game is all about innovation and new products that brick previous products, but come on its not a new product just an improvement. itunes upgrades are free, software upgrades are free its an industry standard. it kinda pisses me off though i do have a $25 gift card to the itunes store to use that i got for free which will make the upgrade free for me so that softens the blow.

still come apple your stuff is light years ahead of the competition in so many arenas. play nice.


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