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January 10, 2008 / chrisisgross

a tear in my beer

as the shake out of new hampshire continues there is one thing that is fascinating me.

the whole hillary clinton breaking down in a coffee shop in portsmouth(coincidentally one that i have enjoyed a cup of coffee in) angle of the election.

i am not as interested in the whole was it real was it fake/staged aspect. more the reaction to it. so many pundits are focusing on how they feel that this swayed the female vote to clinton. personally i was moved by it and thought it showed some humanity from her. it swayed me, but apparently i am some sort of statistical aberration. according to  the pundits guys don’t react to emotion only women.

the sexism and fetishism of the entire political process is really out of control. there is plenty of good info out there, but one article on the huffingtonpost, by richard belzer(det. munch from svu among other roles) really caught my eye.

the reduction of the election to gaffes(howard dean 4 years ago) sound bites(change, change , change…. i want a change from saying the word change) and the like takes away from the actual debate on the issues. yes, the issues the only items that we should be focusing on.

when the election boils down to the candidate we would most like to have a beer with you end up with the guy who hangs out in a bar all day and is kinda funny cause he is sorta dumb .


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