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January 8, 2008 / chrisisgross

thank you new hampshire

well well well

seems that once again the open minded independents of new hampshire have changed the landscape. as i am writing this hillary clinton is holding out a small lead against barack obama. i for one am thrilled that independent voices are being heard. personally it is nice to hear the pundits eat their words. the obama landslide that made clinton cry yesterday is not happening.

but that’s not exactly what interests me.

with the departure of chris dodd and joe biden from the democratic race i was a little concerned that the true beacons of change(a word that i am now becoming sick of) were being forced out of the race. candidates who actually have the records that speak to change were being cast as the black sheep of politics and being forced out of the race.

now with change as the buzz word i would like to posit my definition.

what i mean by change is the ability to create change. an ability that comes from experience. that’s right, experience ,that word that is being shirked from by candidates recently. experience creates a track record of change and the knowledge of how that mechanism of change works. a demonstrated record of standing up for your beliefs no matter the situation which creates change is not a liability, but a major asset.

now while it may seem like i am pushing for an establishment candidate i am not plighting my troth with hilary here. in fact john edwards still fascinates me(though he comes across as strident and possibly divisive and this country needs unity now more than ever).

what i am really asking is who is going to prove that they can deliver on what they promise.

scarily to me that might actually be john mccain(his stance on guns, iraq and abortion are all troubling) a man who has really caught my interest recently. as ron paul has faded in the republican race he has really caught my ear. in fact he has delivered what i think is the best zinger in the debates so far, even better than biden’s giuliani jab of “subject verb 9-11,” as giuliani’s platform, his response to romney’s spending on attack ads. i paraphrase “you can spend all of your fortune on your ads, but that doesn’t make them true.” he showed a sharpness and a tenacity that i really appreciate in a candidate.

*point of disclosure*

as a california resident registered independent i am not allowed to vote in the republican primary only the democratic. so for me i can be a little more objective on the republican race since i can’t vote in that race. i wonder though if mccain is the nominee and not huckabee or romney can the republicans mount a real candidate for the presidency. one who might draw votes from moderate democrats.

either way you look at it i think that the race is now wide open and i am very excited to vote on super tuesday february 5.


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