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December 18, 2007 / chrisisgross

brain no work

so i created a facebook app for anyone who cares and uses facebook. which i guess implies and means that i should be writing more or at all. too bad the old mind is not full of helpful info or inspiration.

as of recently its been a pretty mundane daily life surrounding spending money i don’t have.

wait now i know. story here goes….

as some of you know julie and i have been subletting a place here in san francisco and all seemed ok til i got  ring on the bell and there was some mystery indian at my door. turns out it was the landlord. said landlord did not know that sublet guy was subletting the place nor had sublet guy paid rent in the last 2 months. he was just dropping by to let him know that he was getting ready to send in an eviction notice.

he was nice enough to let us takeover the lease, however at the same time he jacked our rent up $200 to the “market” rate. luckily he only made us sign a 6 month lease so hopefully come my 30th birthday i will live in an apartment fit for the adult that i guess i am.

there that was easy enough. turning 24 hours of panic into a blogpost. so keep reading cause i love lookin at my blogstats


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