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December 13, 2007 / chrisisgross

steroids in baseball

while this is not really on the topic that this blog is usually on i am a rabid baseball fan or i guess in reality red sox fan and i just wanted to chime in on the whole mess that everyone is talking about this.

firstly, the names that are being thrown around, roger clemens, barry bonds,  jeremy and jason giambi, hell even miguel tejada and sadly guys who i can’t believe like mark prior(did he take the right ones?) are being vilified by the media.

yes they broke the law yes they broke baseball, but it seems to me that the evidence is not necessarily that damning. they have no test results just the testimony of two guys who are facing some major time. not to say that they are or are not telling the truth. its just that i would think that after 20 months more would come from this. though in the beginning george mitchell had really no true power. no subpoena and no cooperation from the player’s union.

secondly, i think that mitchell is on the right track with his idea of amnesty. though i would like to see a it more truth coming out of the whole mess. i would like to see a tribunal almost like that of the truth and reconciliation commissions that have been set up in both south africa and in cambodia.

now i am not trying to equate this to human atrocity and state sponsored racism what i am looking at is the process. in both cases after the regimes fell these commissions were set up to get the truth with the understanding that many mistakes were made and that the future was most important.

the process was a chance for someone to come forward with out fear of retribution. baseball could learn from that process. in essence tell the players there is a window of time that you can come forward and say that you used steroids. it is on the record and you make a full admission. at that point you are absolved and reset to the standards in place to today. if the player does not come forward and any information comes to light that can be corroborated than you will be punished to the fullest extent of the policy. 50 game suspensions and the knowledge that you are too weak to stand up and tell the truth.

i know that this is not a reality just something to think on. send my idea around let the people speak their minds.


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