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December 6, 2007 / chrisisgross

big waves good news

thought i would break this part of the big waves story out from the other. this one is a lot less depressing. on the same day and before i knew any of this terribly sad news i went to ocean beach on the west side of the city to get a look at the waves.

its only about a 45 minute ride on the muni to get all the way across the city and with a good book it flies by.

so with camera in tow i went down there and it was pretty impressive the sound of the surf crashing was like a constant thunder or even a quieter jet engine. a couple of times i almost got hit by a breaker that rolled in and i was standing at least 50 feet away from most of the action.

not only did i get to see the waves, but also some piping plovers an endangered species that lives up and down the west coast. also some dead jellyfish and some french tourists.

gotta love the fact that i can be at the ocean in 45 minutes whenever the mood strikes me.

photographic evidence:



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