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December 6, 2007 / chrisisgross

big waves bad news

this last couple of days the weather has been pretty cloudy though today is the first day that we have gotten any rain in a while. its supposed to rain off and on til tomorrow afternoon.

been lucky the last few days that the terrible storm that flooded washington state and oregon missed us to the north. however we have had some effects kind of good and bad all at the same time. the waves have been pretty huge.  the good is that tomorrow starts the waiting period for the maverick’s surf competition.

this surf comp is the start of the big wave surfing movement. the waves are so large that it is impossible to be able to paddle into them. the guys must be towed in via jetski. so for them this weekend should be pretty good.

the bad however is that the big surf has claimed three lives. the first was a surfer, peter davi, who was one of the guys who was at the fore of the above mentioned surf movement.  he died in the twenty foot surf at a spot known as ghost trees which is south of the maverick’s break.

on the same day two fisherman ventured out to retrieve their crab pots that had been soaking for two days and their boat cracked up on the reef. as of yesterday they have been presumed dead. the crab season here has been rough with the oil spill closing the season and than once it was reopened the weather has been terrible. these guys were likely feeling the pressure and ventured out in what they hoped was a break in the weather.

the weather has been pretty intense recently and i hope that this will at some point quiet those who don’t believe in global warming though in the long view there are people that still do not believe in evolution.


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  1. 3G / Dec 11 2007 7:25 am

    There are however people that believe in the flying spaghetti monster 🙂

    Nice post, to bad for three lives lost. Peace.

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