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December 3, 2007 / chrisisgross

things i have been doing

finally found my camera(actually julie found it behind our cd rack) so i can upload the pictures from our trip to st. louis. than of course i am maxed out on flickr for my free account and to get the pro account it is $25 which kinda sucks. though i went and had all of our change counted up by the coinstar machine today and got $23.30 for all the effort so maybe i will go for it.

til than i am gonna give a little slice of the heaven that is st. louis with photos cause my prose is not quite what i have been hoping for recently.

as the story goes we went to stl for thanksgiving and the only real problem was the flight out which gave us the privilege to spend 5 hours at LAX. had our flight out of SFO left on time and we were actually flying on the same airline we would have made our connection, but we couldn’t afford the $1000 for 2 of us to go direct so we got this weird hotwire deal involving connections and multiple airlines. long story is that american airlines gate people are super unhelpful and annoying. on the plus side we got to eat at a chili’s in an airport and arrive in stl at 12:30 in the morning instead of 7:30 like we were supposed to.

after that smooth sailing. went to the zoo which was pretty decent as zoo’s go. free too. forgot the camera so no graphic evidence of the trip so just trust me.

and now the highlight(besides meeting the family and thanksgiving) the budweiser brewery

dscn0980.jpgdscn0988.jpgdscn0990.jpg dscn0996.jpg

it was an interesting one hour tour. they let you take some pictures during the tour though if it was something corporate they didn’t allow it. so no beechwood aging or bottling photos. i was gonna make them famous. ah well

fun fact–one of the beechwood tanks hold 300,000 gallons of beer. if one person was to consume it alone they would have to drink a beer an hour for 137 years.

one man can dream i guess.

as for the beer you get 2 free ones for sitting through their one hour commercial and in my humble opinion bud on tap at the brewery is good. now bud in a bottle is mediocre water, but the one i had their actually tasted like a beer. hell i could taste hops in it.

still i am a high life kinda guy(even if they are now partnering with the arch-conservative pete coors and his rocky mountain mediocrity).

and finally the arch


keep your eye’s open and your rss feeds ready cause i am comin back.


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  1. Roosto-Doosto / Dec 11 2007 2:10 pm

    If you’re getting a flickr pro account don’t buy it straight up buy it as the ‘give the gift of flickr’ program that they have going on. When you flickr pro account as a gift you get 3months free for every year that you buy. So you buy the gift and instead of giving the code to someone else you just use it for yourself and you’ll wind up with 15 months of flickr pro instead of 12… (This deal ends 1/30 if I remember correctly)

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