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November 6, 2007 / chrisisgross

dia de los muertos

friday was day of the dead and in the mission my wonderful neighborhood there was a parade. while there was not as much drunken out of controlledness as say halloween i have to say i really like it a whole lot more.

now halloween here is a really big deal and up until we got here there was a party in the castro. well last year there were some shootings and city hall had the whole thing canceled as to avoid having the same thing happening as last year. personally i thought there would be a little bit more resistance to the whole thing, but the only thing that i could ascertain was a “people for halloween” group that had a website and that was about it. no one really showed up in the castro. they just got mad about it on blogs and such.

luckily  for me the day of the dead parade was not canceled and i really liked it. tried to take some photos that you can see up on my flickr though in all honesty they did not come out too great.

but here is the run down. essentially in chicano culture the first day of november is a day to honor the dead and to tell your children about those that have died. it is not a co-opted into a commercial enterprise. it is  a chance to bring family together and to celebrate and above all have a good time.

now in terms of co-opting the day of the dead here is pretty close i will say since the parade was largely not mexican, but the neighborhood which is mostly mexican still has altars out and there is a really great feel to it. its hard to really explain in my fractured prose, but i hope you get the gist.

maybe my lousy mislabeled and unorganized photos can shed some light.

probably not


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