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October 25, 2007 / chrisisgross


that is all i can really think to say about the red sox last night…

beckett came out ready to scorch the earth and send all hope of a win back to colorado as soon as it arrived in boston. to top off the first pedroia all 5′ 9″ in timberlands takes the second pitch he sees and plants on top of the monster.

tension released.

from that point on it was a mercy killing. from the top of the lineup to the bottom everyone contributed. so much so that it really didn’t seem like it was really that bad. unlike even in the angels series where it was only papi and manny and i got really tense watching the bottom of the order die. this was  just a  few hits here and a few hits there and all of a sudden it was 7-1. then the 3 walks all leading to runs and the game was history.

adding ellsbury to the lineup has really helped out incredibly. the pressure is off lugo. he is not worried about the coco failures. he seems energized. the bottom of the lineup’s production to me is as big as that of pedroia and youk. they have guys to knock , they can relax knowing there are hits coming from everywhere in the lineup. tonight might well be the series if the rockies don’t show up tonight.

as for me i will be in the same seat wearing the same shirt, hat, and having listened to my personal postseason theme song.


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