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October 23, 2007 / chrisisgross

southern california fires and a total moron

came across this on the ever mind-bogglingly brilliant boingboing

as many of you know southern california is on fire in one of the worst events that the area has seen. hurricane force santa ana winds are blowing arid hot desert air stoking over a dozen different fires from san diego to malibu and beyond.

the forecast is looking better for tomorrow with the offshore flow abating and the high pressure system which is aiding the fires dissipating. there are some great satellite pictures of the fire on boingboing so go there and look.

what caught my attention was this brilliant statement by the poor man’s rush limbaugh, glenn beck. (*update* i found an audio file and uploaded it. go to the end if you want to hear his exact quote.)

seriously does he have any researchers or a producer that he runs this drivel by. i would doubt highly that the network would allow him to do anything extemporaneously so some one must have noticed that this makes him sound like a moron. not only is the statement arrogant and hurtful it is factually inaccurate.

where do idiots like him and ann coulter, hannity and colmes et al get off/away with this bullshit. god it makes me sick sometimes.


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