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October 22, 2007 / chrisisgross

red sox and the pogues

last night was one of the more memorable sunday’s in a long long time. been following the sox all year first in boston and now via the streaming audio of and the occasional tv appearances here in san francisco.

so understandably the last week has been a bit of a stomach turner for me. the emotions run high and part of it comes from the fact that unlike any other sport the amount of time and dedication that it takes to follow a team is completely unique. there are 162 games to determine a winner. it took the sox til the last 2 games of the season to clinch the division. than the playoffs start and all of that work is boiled down to 3 series to determine a world series champ. at most it could be 19 games to determine a winner. the entire year is boiled down to 1/8 of a season. each pitch each moment has wait and a bearing on the series. the pressure is amazing, beautiful and if victorious pretty exhilarating.

after a week of watching the sox get mowed down in cleveland they stepped up and won 3 straight outscoring the indians by 30-5 over the next 3 games.

cut to zac’s living room and he and i are screaming at a tv and going absolutely nuts. made me happy and sad all at the same time cause in the back of my head i wondered what all of my wonderful friends in boston were doing right then.

remember that you can all ways trust a dustin, either pedroia or masterson.

than after the euphoria of the game and the wonders of beer it was off to see the pogues at the fillmore and continue the craziness. the set was 2 hours plus and they came back for 2 separate 3 song encores. shane was able to stand are really belt out songs as well as belt down a fifth of whiskey during the show. the pogues were breathtaking and surreal. i don’t think i have sung as loudly as i did on dirty old town since i saw fugazi in high school.

the only thing that would have made it better was to reel arm in arm with some of you all.

and to top it off on the way out of the show i found a pogues shirt on the street. they were $30 at the concession stand and i got one ladies pogues shirt for julie for free. not only that by the time all of this revelry was over it was only 11:30 at night.

gotta love the west coast.



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  1. Jake / Oct 22 2007 8:04 pm

    Mo and I will be shouting along with you from Wednesday to the end (or crying into our beer/tea, whatever the case ends up being).


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