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October 18, 2007 / chrisisgross

red sox

thought i would quickly opine on my beloved red sox before game 5 and on manny’s “we always have next year quote.” i know that it may seem odd to say something to the effect of we got one more game and if we don’t win we’ve got next year, but i like the statement for two reasons.

#1 this a healthy attitude to espouse to kids and to many people who take life way too seriously.

growing up playing the upper levels of youth soccer i have first hand exposure to the absurd levels of expectation of a highly competitive atmosphere. it took me almost 20 years to learn that i could turn this passion and drive into a game without letting it consume me. some of my happiest times playing have come in games with nothing on the line. everyone plays as hard as possible, but in the end the result is moot and life goes on. it is fun to compete, but it is not the be all end all

while i know this is a professional endeavor and the world series is what the professional ball player works for their entire and career and there is no direct parallel to my experiences it is nice to hear someone say life goes on and we will get back at it when the time comes. manny is still gonna fight when he can be it now or next year. there is not quit in him.

#2 this is the perfect example of manny being manny.

dude is so relaxed and confident that he is not worried about the situation at all. he does not expect to fail only to succeed. if they don’t make it he is gonna be ready for the enxt year and the year after that. he is so carefree and loose that folks get steamed when they hear him say stuff like that. one quote gets taken out of context by the media and they wonder why he rarely speaks to them.

and finally

found this site and it is all i have been saying this whole series. jacoby ellsbury is on the roster why not use him beyond just a pinch runner. kielty has one start of j.d. drew and is getting another tonight why no jacoby he sparked the team in september and helped get them to the playoffs. i know francona is a loyal guy, but how bout some loyalty to the guy who gave you more than you asked for the month. just hope a coco double play isn’t the last thing i see this year


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