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October 16, 2007 / chrisisgross


via laughingsquid the wonderful webhosting and blog site based here(also julie’s server host for her site) i came across this awesome night that really only happens here.

there was a mayoral debate last thursday, the only debate that the most beautiful head of hair i.e. gavin newsom(though mitt romney is a close second) would actually attend. he has skipped the weekly debates put on by the fogcity journal with the other candidates. for this debate he arrived late and really the controlled nature of the debate seemed to neuter it as a valid form of political discourse.

there are plenty of very interesting and smart candidates in the field as i have written before and it was nice to see them actually get some face time and challenge newsom about his policies.

however, this is only the set-up to what i enjoyed most. while he was not necessarily the leader behind it chicken john arranged to have one of his arts and innovation tricks arrive after the debate.

yeah that’s right zombies! zombies after a mayoral debate. boston i am looking at you and the zombie march. where are you. go after mumbles menino have some fun stop the lurch from davis to a bar.

get weird.


go now!

update just found this on sfist. a video from foxnews online with chicken john.


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