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October 15, 2007 / chrisisgross


knocking the dust off of the old blog for the week with a  couple of pics that i took.

background on this is that julie and i were going to the grocery store on saturday  at the amazing rainbow grocery, and all vegetarian worker owned wonderland of a store. on the way there we walked near the 101 overpass which is a pretty sketchy area. there are beat up old cars that are parked there permanently doing one of two things. either the cars are loaded with bike parts(the cars are mobile bike chop shops-crackheads steal the bikes and sell them to the guys there) or they are rundown non-mobile homes.

well one of them was much unlike any other and the picture is really much more expressive than any prose i could think of. not sure where or why so many plastic bags could come from or get into a car, but here you have it.



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