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October 15, 2007 / chrisisgross

fire around the corner

last night as we were going to sleep we heard a bunch of sirens. fire trucks were up and down our street. feeling a little unnerved i put on my slippers and went outside. one of the houses down the street was on fire. everything seemed ok at the time and i went back to bed.

about noon today the fire reignited. went down the street to get a look and snap a few pictures. i felt a little odd doing, but when i saw a guy on the roof of the house next to the building on fire taking pictures with his iphone i figured i was ok. as it turned out the night before two whole apartment buildings had been gutted by fire started by candles being left lit. the building that was next to the two must have gotten too hot and there were some embers left behind because the crawl space and the insulation caught fire.

again a lot of firefighters back at the scene. the owner of one of the buildings had chest pains and they had to get an emt to take care of him and eventually take him in the ambulance. kind of chaotic, but an interesting way to get to know your neighbors

here are some of the photos i took and there are more on my flickr. just click the link on the left.



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